Sunday, 19 April 2009

The first on the new culinary experiences list.

One of the things on my list is to eat or drink 10 new things.

Last night, without any effort on my part really, I was given the opportunity to do the first one: raw oysters. I may at some stage have eaten cooked oysters, though I can't remember doing so, but I know for sure I ha never done the raw slurp it down thing. Until yesterday.

Yes, I know this is a delicacy. They were even bluff oysters, which are famous in these parts. Uncooked, but for a squirt or two of lemon juice, just like the purists say we should do them. So I faced my fear of all things slimy, and slurped one down.

Have to admit, not wildly impressed. They taste ok, salty and much like the sea. But I am unconvinced by the slimy texture thing. Glad I did it, cos raw oysters are one of those things you just have to do. But don't think I'll be seeking them out again.

Still, 1 down, 9 to go. :)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

More music. Some planning.

Listened to Thelonius Monk's Brilliant Corners which was thoroughly enjoyable. That was last night - I believe I am an evening jazz person. :)

Currently listening to Sabu's Palo Congo. Erm... I am not big on the world music stuff, and this is a littel too 'fusion' for my tastes. So not wildly impressed.

A. found an advert for salsa classes just around the corner from us, so I will phone them tomorrow and get us all signed up. YAY! Think it'll be great fun, and good for both of us. Neither of us really get enough exercise.

If I don't hear back from the library tomorrow, I'll phone them too to find about about the reading to kids stuff.

Think I have convinced A to make a list of his own which will probably overlap with mine a tad. :) Yayness.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Lots of music and a movie.

It's been a chilled weekend, but I have been making my way through the 50s.

Have listened to a whole bunch of the albums in the 1001 albums list.
Louis Prima's Wildest while making dinner last night - great stuff. I do rather like this kind of 50s jazz/swing stuff. This was followed by Domino Fats' This is Fats, which was also grand.

Then this morning, Duke Ellington's At Newport (1956), which I wasn't quite so enamoured with, but that may have been cos I stayed up late last night and was very tired this morning. This was, however, followed by Frank Sinatra's Songs for Swingin' Lovers! which is delightful, but then I think we have established my ongoing love of Frank.

Then the Crickets' Chirping..., which... meh. It's ok, I guess. I guess I wasn't really in the mood for it. Am currently listening to Count Basie's Atomic Mr Basie, and really enjoying it, which maybe means that for me jazz is an evening thing. Heh.

In any case, it's been pretty nifty working through these albums chronologically. :)

In relation to another one of my lists, we had a movie marathon last night which included The Princess Bride which is on IMDB's top 250 list. So that's one ticked off that list. It's an old favourite, so I enjoyed it, quoted bits, laughed in advance, that sort of thing. *grin*

Still looking at potential dance stuff in Dunedin. There's a lot of possibility, though not much of the kind of dance I like best. Still, I may just drag A to salsa classes with me. That'd be fun. :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The first 24 hours.

Well, I have looked through the 100 books list, and I have already read 39 of them. So that leaves me 61 to go.

I have listened to Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours, which was lovely, (But then I am a Frank fan), Elvis Presley's self-named album, which was entertaining as early Elvis normally is, and the Louvin Brothers' Tragic Songs of Life, which was a little too Country for my taste. Those are the first 3 albums on the 1001 albums list.

In terms of the more important stuff, I have emailed the public library about getting involved in their Storytime program. I've also done some research into dance classes in Dunedin, and think I can probably find something to which I could drag my loving husband. ;) That's something I would really like to do with him, and I think he might be up for it.

That's progress, right?

New Approach.

OK, this blog was kinda lounging around not doing much of anything useful. So I have decided to.. er... rebrand it a tad.

Last night and this morning I wrote my list for that 101 things in 1001 days.

Here's what I put on my livejournal today:

OK. I have 101 things now.

And I am starting today!

To read:

1. 100 of the books we own that I haven’t actually read yet. (0/100)
2. 50 works of non-fiction. (0/50)
3. The Bible. Yes, all of it.
4. The Mabinogion. Yes, all of it.
5. The Bhagavad Gita. Yes, all of it.
6. All of Discworld. In order. (0/37) (Plus any new ones, the short stories online (0/6), the ‘Mappes’ (0/4), the Science books (0/3), the Quiz books (0/2) and the companions (0/9).
That’s it according to wilkipedia at 17/4/09. (Doesn’t include adaptations and movies, etc.))
7. Read all the books on this list. (0/100)

To see:

8. Every movie that has ever won Best Picture at the Oscars. (0/81)
9. Every movie that has ever won Cannes’ Palm D’or. (0/81)
10. All the movies on this list. (0/100)
11. All the movies on this list. (0/250)

(Yes, I know this seems like a lot, but there is overlap, so it isn’t really. We watch a lot of movies, anyway. ;P)

To go:

12. Go to the glaciers.
13. Spend some actual time in Auckland (airport doesn’t count).
14. Go see Christchurch.
15. Go wine tasting in Central Otago.
16. Go camping in the Catlins.
17. Go to Rotorua.
18. The ‘god of the forest’
19. Go to Stewart Island.
20. Go to Abel Tasman National Park.
21. Go to Hanmer Springs.
22. Go to the Dunedin Public Art gallery
23. Go do this.
24. Go on the Taieri Gorge Railway.
25. Go to the Marlborough Wine Festival.
26. See the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hamilton.

To do:

27. Go ski-ing.
28. Go to Fiji.
29. Go to at least one other pacific island.
30. Go to Easter Island.
31. Develop friendships with at least five people.
32. Take up dancing again.
33. Get out of (current, UK) debt.
34. Buy a house.
35. Start growing herbs.
36. Go to 25 different live music events. (0/25)
37. Do the Rail Trail.
38. Empty inboxes. Which means doing everything that’s on hold therein.
39. Go for walks. 100 of them. (0/100)

My Edumacation:

40. Finish my masters thesis, hand it in, get MA attached to my name.
41. Get an academic article published.
42. Join ACLAR.
43. Give a conference presentation. Make it better than last time.


44. Paint 100 paintings. (0/100)
45. Give away or sell at least half of them. (0/50)
46. Get a story published.
47. Write 100 poems. (0/100)
48. Write 50 stories. (0/50)
49. Write 100 honest to goodness snail mail letters. (0/100)
50. Put on ‘Wonderland’.
51. Send 100 postcards. (0/100)
52. Make 50 blog entries on cooking blog. (0/50)
53. Make 50 blog entries on travel blog. (0/50)
54. Make 50 blog entries on Belgatherial’s Hearth. (0/50)
55. Make 50 blog entries on 101 things. (0/50)
56. Write 20 reviews. PUBLISH THEM (Somewhere – Librarything/Amazon/anywhere) (0/20)
57. Make something big and beautiful. (Hug collage??)
58. Do fire-dancing in public again.

The stuff I always say “I always wanted to do that” about part of the list.

59. Learn to play the cello.
60. Learn to play the drums.
61. Learn carpentry.
62. Learn french.
63. Take up bellydancing.
64. Ride in a hot air balloon.
65. Write a novel. (Henry’s just waiting…)
66. Learn to juggle.
67. Go to every continent. (INCLUDING Antarctica) (5/7)
68. Get the dragon tattoo
69. Create an improv everywhere type event.
70. Learn to sew.
71. Apply for a job as a chef by sending in a meal.
72. Learn to make puff pastry from scratch and GET IT RIGHT.
73. Finally get all the things framed that I’ve been wanting to frame for years, and haven’t because ‘we were just going to move again’. (0/??)
74. Have a snowball fight. A proper full on one with lots of people.
75. Listen to all the albums in the 1001 albums book. (0/1001) (This does not mean I have to own them, just listen to them all the way through.)
76. Find a way to read to children. Let’s say 25 times. (0/25)

The ‘just for fun’ bit

77. Host a cocktail party.
78. Host a masqued ball.
79. Test drive a car we can’t afford. (Do this one with Alec)
80. Go a week without my mobile phone.
81. Go a week without internet.
82. Sleep on a train.
83. Go strawberry picking.
84. Eat or drink 10 things I have never before tried. (0/10)
85. Write the CV with which I wish I could apply for jobs.
86. Apply for a job with it.
87. Host a medieval banquet. Make it as authentic as possible.
88. Go to 10 different theatre events. (0/10)
89. Have high tea with friends.
90. Redefine Valentine’s day and what it means as described in V-day post this year.

Make the world a better place.

91. Buy a stranger a meal.
92. Leave a kind note on someone’s windshield.
93. Pay a whole street’s worth of parking meters.
94. Raise money for a charity. Make it a big goal. GET THERE. (Birch?)
95. Volunteer.
96. Start donating to cyberfunded projects again. Just a little each month.
97. Spend ten hours (not necessarily consecutive) reenacting Earth hour. (ie: NO electricity) Turn them into events. (Candlelit picnics, etc) (0/10)
98. Plant a tree.
99. For a week, eat nothing that doesn’t come from New Zealand.
100. Try vegetarianism for a week.
101. Create notes of validation and leave them where people will find them.

So? What thinketh you?

My final date according to this is Friday 13 January 2012. I kinda love that it ends on a Friday 13th. Heh.

Well. Here I go.

(ETA: Some clarifications: The 100 books list, I am not rereading ones I have already read. The movies list and the Discworld lists, I am starting from scratch (so ones I've seen or read before don't count, they only count as of NOW.))

So, I will be using this blog to document and keep track of how I am doing. I don't think my 2 and a half fans are going care too much about the change of direction, but if you really do, my apologies. Maybe someday I can get the old idea going again. Until then, maybe I'll inspire some people to go out and make a list of their very own.